“Rapid construction, excellent U-values and non weather restricted”

All You Need To Know About Insulated Concrete Formwork

At Midland New Homes we utilise Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) as our prime construction method as it provides so many benefits to both us as a construction company but also to homeowners.

When using ICF on domestic and commercial construction projects you will benefit from much quick construction times and schedules that are not impacted by the weather. In addition to this, ICF provides thermal efficiencies that can provide market leading U-values.

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to buildings and ICF reduces this risk exponentially. For commercial projects this minimises risk management, gives improved energy performance thanks to the air tight nature of the build. You get a steady state temperature with increased comfort levels. Structural integrity is improved and the build is much more sustainable. If you are looking for builds that are resistant to mould and rot, have an improved air quality and greater construction efficiency then ICF is a great choice.

ICF consists of lightweight polystyrene blocks that fit together to create the structure. Concrete is poured in to the cavity and produces an air tight structure that is highly thermal efficient and does not suffer from damp or mould like other modern construction methods can.

ndura system

Introducing Thermomur 350 & Jackodur ATLAS

We work with the ICF materials that are right for the project, however the Thermomur 350 ICF system is one of our favoured products for domestic construction. 

Able to achieve a U-value of less than 0.17 and benefiting from high levels of noise reduction, the Thermomur 350 series is perfect for the modern home. 

It is fully compliant with all UK and European regulations and can be used with bricks, render or timber to finish. The Jackodur ATLAS system offers an insulated concrete raft system.

Polarwall For Basements and New Builds

Another ICF product that we often use on new builds and basement builds is the every reliable Polarwall. With a wall core measuring between 155mm and 300mm and being made from highly resistant extruded polystyrene, Polarwall is an ideal choice when it comes to ICF building.

We also offer a green insulated raft system from Polarwall.


Using Nudura ICF Products

We are now using Nudura ICF products in our ICF new builds to provide the ultimate in energy efficiency, greater strength and optimum indoor living conditions. 

Used in domestic and commercial projects across North America, we benefit from patented technology and one of the most progressive forms of ICF when using Nudura for our new build projects.