“Sustainable New Builds, Eco Friendly Passivhaus Systems “

Sustainable Builders Building Eco-Friendly New Builds

Building sustainable homes is at the forefront of what we do at Midland New Homes. Whether you are looking for your new build to simply be eco-friendly or whether you are looking to build to a Passivhaus standard of energy efficiency, we can help manage and deliver your project from planning through to completion.

Our standard form of construction is Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) and this naturally lends itself perfectly to building energy efficient homes. This means that anyone looking for a sustainable or eco-friendly building company is going to find the Midland New Home approach ideal.

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Modern Homes Built Sustainably

Using ICF building techniques, our homes will take on a modern aesthetic once completed, making them indistinguishable from homes build using traditional building methods.

However, our new builds will benefit from the thermal efficiencies and increased air tightness that results from using ICF building techniques.

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Eco-Friendly New Builds Using ICF Techniques

ICF is made from expanded polystyrene which means they are comprised of 98% air. They are then poured with concrete which results in their being no joints – this is what lends this technique so well to Passivhaus (Passive House) buildings.

With incredibly low U-values (generally between 0.1-0.2), good thermal mass and a wall thickness that is comparable to that of a standard new build, ICF is our go-to sustainable and eco-friendly new build construction method,

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Eco-Friendly Building – From Foundations To Finish

Building an eco-friendly home requires having the highest levels of insulation – and that starts with the foundations.

We offer an insulated raft system when it comes to the foundations rather than using traditional footings. We use the JACKODUR® Atlas ICF system which is the ideal choice for those looking to achieve maximum energy efficiency with thermal ratings of 0.1 w/m U value achievable. 

We can also work with you to achieve the required U values for external walls by adapting the size of the ICF boards we use in the construction – again, this makes ICF the perfect construction technique to achieve the Passivhaus standard.