“Create your own home with none of the fuss…”

The Turnkey Solution To Building Your Own Home

Designing and building your own home can be a stressful and time consuming process. Managing contractors, supplies, budgets and people on site can be very daunting and for the inexperienced can often lead to builds coming in over budget and way behind schedule.

Luckily, there is solution that enables you to enjoy the benefits of designing your own home without the hassle of managing the entire build and finishing process.

At Midland New Homes we offer a complete turnkey building solution that allows you to design your home exactly how you want it with the help of an architect. Once you sign off on the design we are able to provide you with a complete price to manage every aspect of the build – right up to you being able to move in.

Turnkey Homes – Saving You Time and Money

For many people it is a dream to design and build their own home. However, the reality is that the process of building a home can often become a nightmare with the two biggest obstacles being time and money – and often these go hand in hand.

It is not untypical for a domestic construction project to require upwards of 40 hours per week of site management. The time spent on site is a major pull on financial resources and if projects run over schedule then the financial implications can again be significant.

A turnkey solution can reduce the time required on site right down and unless you wanted to there would be very little need to visit the site on a weekly basis at all.

Our turnkey promise means that once a project fee is agreed that we manage the project and keep it on cost and on schedule from beginning to end. Thanks to the use of ICF construction methods we are able to make these promises with the utmost certainty that we will be able to stick to them.

What Does A Turnkey House Package Look Like?

A turnkey house will provide you with the overall control from a design point of view but will include everything needed in order to move in – right down to internal decoration if required.

Typically, you can expect a turnkey home from Midland New Homes to include:

  • Design and planning – full architectural design and planning permission sought and obtained
  • Utility connections – Liaison with all utility companies and utility connections made to the home
  • Complete build – from foundations to the walls, floors and roof – we create the shell of the home using insulated concrete formwork
  • Electrics – First and second fix installation of all electrics
  • Exterior finishes – from the roof style and materials to external cladding, fascias and soffits – the complete exterior is finished
  • Heating – Full heating systems installed as per agreed specification
  • Plumbing – All aspects of plumbing installed
  • Carpentry and internal finishes – Skirting boards, architraves, stairs and any bespoke carpentry work
  • Kitchen, bathroom, room design – Choose your style of kitchen, bathroom and other rooms
  • Swimming pool – If you want the added luxury of a swimming pool this can be included
  • Basement option – Providing you with even more luxury space, a basement can be included
  • Internal Decoration – Fully painted and decorated if required
  • Landscaping – Fully landscaped to a perfect finish
  • Completion – Final testing and handover